Dawn Deegan

I have been doing business with the Clock Proprietor for many years now, and I can unequivocally proclaim that there is not a better nor finer nor more reputable business person to do business with. Saint Louis is fortunate to have such a fine expert and professional scientist / artist in their midst. I believe there are only a few of him, if that, of his caliber, in the country. Thank you for all that you do.

Nancy Ellis, Kirkwood, MO.

Thank you so very much for working so hard to find the right watch maker to repair my grandmother's watch. I had tried (a local watch repair person) and he said "it couldn't be done." You then tried several watchmakers in St.Louis who said "it couldn't be done." But you didn't give up. You went the extra mile (or 100 miles) and sent my grandmother's watch to the expert in Springfield, Illinois. I am very grateful. The watch is a beautiful piece of jewelry, but even more importantly it was my grandmother's. It means a great deal to me. I am very much indebted to you. You are very kind and caring person. I am glad that I know you. Thank you very, very much for bringing such joy to me.

Randall W., O'Fallon, Mo.

This company is simply A+5's all the way! I recently took two clocks in for service and general repair, one vintage mantle, and one German cookoo clock. The owner of this company does EXCELLENT work, and is definately vinatage "old school" as to patience, pride in his work, dedication to getting the job done perfectly, and just one heck of a kind gentleman. I used to go to the "other" big time clock company in the St. Louis area, and will never go back. The Clock Works now has ALL of my business, and I can't say enough good things about them!

Sarah M., Afton, MO

I always wanted a grandfather clock, so I chose a Howard Miller Grandfather for my 25 year service award! Before it was shipped, I was notified by Howard Miller to contact “The Clock Works!” for set-up & service. I did not know how to take care of it. Charles had it set-up where I wanted it, then gave it a good service. Then he gave me concise “care & feeding” instructions for my clock. The next day I had a question & called him. He was again informative. Now after a year, I feel like I have had it forever! Thanks Charles & “The Clock Works!”

Craig K., Wildwood, MO

The St. Louis area and surrounding areas are very fortunate to have “The Clock Works!”. Very reliable & knowledgeable!

Rebecca V, St.Charles, MO

I took my 75 year old electric G.E. Telecron Chiming Mantle Clock to two other clock shops. One said the only way it could be repaired was by “cutting it” & installing a battery operated quartz movement. The other one said it wasn’t worth repairing, it was obsolete & no parts were available. Charles rebuilt the whole movement and installed a new rotor that he still had in stock. Although it was somewhat costly, it was worth every penny!

Miram J., Belleville, IL

The grandmother clock I inherited did not work. I had been referred to “The Clock Works!” to look at my clock. After Charles has finished, it now “ticks” & chimes just the way I remember as a child growing up with it. Many thanks! Now once again, “it sounds like home”.

Mary P., MD Heights, MO

An amazing job on our Howard Miller Grandfather Clock!

Stanley L., Kirkwood, MO

It was hard to find someone to work on our Cuckoo clock we purchased in the black forest, until we found “The Clock Works!”. As it turned out, we had forgotten to remove some packing material in the case & we were not charged for our oversight. We were so impressed that we had our old anniversary clock and railroad regulator put in "like new” working order by “The Clock Works!”

Jim & Ruth B., Chesterfield, MO

We found “The Clock Works!” in the yellow pages, after two other clock companies attempted to repair our German Westministers Chime Mantle Clock. After spending a great deal of money + waiting a total of 8 months, the clock still stopped occasionally + ran erratically. In desperation we thought we’d try one more time & took it to “The Clock Works!”. After 5 years, it is running & chiming flawlessly. We have recommended “The Clock Works!” to several of our friends & they too are very pleased with the level of service & performance. Thank you,Charles.

Peggy R., Crestwood, MO

I became an “accidental” clock collector! Several were purchased from Charles when he had a wonderful selection of antique + vintage clocks for sale. Although he no longer sells clocks, as my clocks are due for service, I call “The Clock Works!” and when he is finished.......they do!

Mildred H., Florissant, MO

After moving back to this area I needed my 1800’s Scottish G.T. clock worked on. Charles was recommended to me by one of his customers. How pleased I am. His knowledge of clocks is amazing! He is professional & particular in his work. I only want Charles to take care of “Grandfather”. P.S. The beautiful clock in our town square is an asset to the city. I knew the man it is in memory of & dedicated to. What a tribute!! Nice job!!